SNP Square and Kamenné Square, Bratislava, Competitive Dialogue 2019/2020

Map of the area under consideration


Nowadays, Slovak National Uprising Square (SNP Square) and Kamenné Square represent one of the most important urban spaces in Bratislava. They are located in the conservation zone of the city centre. The area combines several important features – it is a significant space from both the historical and social point of view, an important public transportation transfer hub, and location of historical monuments. As other European cities, the 20th century Bratislava was characterized by a dynamic development of central urban spaces. Despite their significance, some of them are undergoing gradual deterioration. The opinion, that the present state of this public space is unsatisfactory, is openly shared among experts, the public and the city administration. It is necessary to create a realistic scenario to renew and develop this area.

Briefly about the process
Evaluation committee will choose four teams, which, based on submitted documents, will seem to be the most capable for creating a quality proposal. At the initial conference there will be an introduction of the territory and its current topics. In less than two months, all teams will separately present their concepts to the evaluation committee, experts and stakeholders, and, after discussion, will receive feedback and guidance for further refinement. After another two months, the competing teams will present their final designs and after the discussion the jury will evaluate them based on quality. Then the competition teams will submit their price offers, which will be assessed together with the outputs from the previous stage. With the candidate, whose project (quality at first, price as second) will be assessed as the best, a contract will be signed. The subject of the contract will be a continuous work on the proposal within further projects milestones.


  • 10. 12. 2019 – open call for competition
  • 17. 1. 2020 – submissions of requests to participate (stage 1)
  • 14. 2. 2020 - submissions of professional approach portfolio (stage 1)
  • in week 17.2.2020 – 21.2.2020 - selection of four teams proceeding further in the competition (to stage 2)
  • in week 09.03.2020 – 13.03.2020 – initial conference
  • in week 27.04.2020 – 01.05.2020 – separate presentations of the proposal concepts
  • in week 22.06.2020 – 26.06.2020 – separate presentations of the final proposals and evaluation of the competition teams based on quality of the proposal
  • 10.7.2020 – submissions of the price offers
  • 17.7.2020 – final evaluation
  • 31.7.2020 – declaration of results of the competitive dialogue

Committee Members
Matúš Vallo, SK, City Mayor of Bratislava
Zuzana Aufrichtová, SK, Mayor of the Old Town
Igor Marko, SK/GB, architect,
Michal Fišer, CZ, architect,
Marko Studen, SLO, architect,
Daniel Zimmermann, AT, landscape architect,
Pierre Alain Ttrévelo, FR, architect,

Alternate Members of the Committee
Antonín Novák, CZ, architect,
Juraj Šujan, SK, Advisor to the City Mayor of Bratislava, architect in ŠujanŠtassel
Michal Marcinov, SK, MIB, member of Živé námestie, landscape architect – LABAK
Roman Žitňanský, SK, MIB – Public Space Section, architect

Experts, invited persons and local stakeholders

The Initial Conference and Workshops will also be attended by experts, invited persons and local stakeholders in the given area. These include roughly 30 experts on various aspects of the assignment, representatives of institutions with a seat in the area under consideration and other relevant invited persons.

Remunerations in competition
For each of the four teams in competitive dialogue, a € 20,000 compensation exclusive of VAT is reserved. The first half will be paid after the presentation of the concept in the required scope of outputs. The second half will be paid after the presentation of the final proposal in the required scope of outputs.

New principles for a high-quality public space in Bratislava
Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava is preparing a new document demonstrating the principles that should be compulsorily applied when creating public premises in Bratislava. Revitalizing SNP Square and Kamenné Square will serve as a pilot project in which the principles are applied.

  • Spatial Identity
  • Mobility
  • Environment
  • Health and Safety
  • Social dimension 
  • Functionality and economic return – The Living City

More information and all available documents can be found here.