Information and recommendations regarding the novel coronavirus and COVID-19

Daily cases in Bratislava on 26th January


Confirmed cases in Bratislava

78 450

Confirmed cases in Slovakia

971 945


In connection with the novel coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease, we are bringing a package of recommendations and information about the situation in the city to the residents of Bratislava. 

We want to reassure all Bratislava residents that, as a city in cooperation with the city districts and the self-governing region, we are doing everything we can to ensure that the second wave of the pandemic has the least possible negative impact on the quality of life in Bratislava. We must continue to be responsible, disciplined and cohesive towards ourselves and our surroundings.

The COVID automat, which has so far managed the districts in Slovakia individually (according to the current pandemic situation), is suspended due to the state of emergency. Anti-pandemic measures apply to the whole country.

On this site, we regularly update information about the situation in Bratislava concerning the coronavirus.

Persons with symptoms, particularly fever, cough, shortness of breath and muscle and joint pain, should first contact their physician by phone, not in person, or call the Public Health Authority Infoline or the 112 emergency line. The physician will make a therapeutic decision based on the symptoms described.

The Social Insurance Agency has simplified the procedures for claiming sickness and nursing benefits by insured persons (incapacity for work certificates) to limit personal contact with the public in the outpatient clinics of general practitioners, paediatricians, and Social Insurance Agency offices. These procedures apply only in cases related to the spread of the coronavirus. In other cases, the standard procedures for claiming sickness and nursing benefits apply.

What to do if you have received an SMS with a positive test result?

  1. Please contact your general practitioner, inform him/her about your test result and request an incapacity for a work certificate.
  2. Contact all persons you have been in close contact with during the last two days after the test and instruct them to self-isolate at home.
  3. Send a list of the persons (name and surname, telephone number) you were in close contact with by email to the Regional Public Health Authority in Bratislava.
  4. Wait for instructions from the Authority. Due to their extreme workload, this may take several days.

If you have been contacted by a positive person and have been in close contact with that person:

  1. remain in isolation;
  2. contact your general practitioner who can refer you to a test and issue a work incapacity certificate for you;
  3. in case you have symptoms of the disease, request a test;
  4. wait for instructions from the Regional Public Health Authority in Bratislava.


Our only vaccine is discipline (PDF) 


Symptoms of the disease:

  • fever
  • cough
  • shortness of breath
  • muscle pain
  • headache
  • fatigue


SCHOOLS The regulation of the Ministry of Education on the phased opening of schools is in effect from 10th January 2022.

SENIORS There are seven homes for senior citizens operating in Bratislava under the administration of the capital city. Each facility has strict rules and hygiene measures in place. We provide regular training to the staff of the facilities and check their readiness to deal with the various situations related to the risk of infection. The wearing of masks and the use of disinfection is a matter of course and habit. We have set up preventive quarantine rooms in each facility where new clients will be placed until we make sure they are COVID negative. We will also ensure testing of staff who return from abroad.  For recommendations on how to help seniors, please follow THIS LINK.


Current measures and restrictions at public events in Bratislava can be found HERE.

HEALTH CARE On the basis of a decision of the Regional Public Health Authority in Bratislava, healthcare providers (providing inpatient health care and public and non-public providers of social services) are required to ensure that visits to inpatient wards take place under strict epidemic precautions.

TRAVEL Conditions of entry to Slovakia from other countries can be found HERE.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT Public transport drivers automatically open all doors at stops to reduce the need for passengers to come into contact with surfaces in public transport vehicles. On-request stops still need to be signalled to the driver. It is prohibited to enter public transport vehicles without wearing a mask.


MARIANUM - The Cemetery Service of Bratislava has taken several measures to secure maximum possible protection not only to the staff but also all visitors to the funeral rites, cemeteries and crematoriums. Before ordering the services, please consult in advance with MARIANUM employees about the procedure of the last farewell and all measures taken.

WATER SUPPLY The Bratislava water supply company (BVS) has conducted internal exercises and, if necessary, is ready to switch to the crisis mode defined together with the Public Health Authority, which, among other things, deals with the procedures for water treatment and access to water resources. Employees who have visited an area with confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus are redirected to a medical examination before returning to work.

WASTE COLLECTION Regular waste collection is scheduled by OLO under any safety regime. By modifying working shifts, OLO is prepared to ensure waste collection even in the event a large number of employees are absent. Employees who have visited an area with confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus are redirected to a medical examination before returning to work.

GAS If there is a sharp increase in the number of infected employees, the gas distribution company SPP-distribúcia is prepared to take internal measures to ensure uninterrupted operation of gas distribution and repair services. Increased spread of the disease will not affect the safety and reliability of natural gas distribution to customers. Gas distribution does not fall within direct competence of the City.

ELECTRICITY In connection with the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the electricity company ZSE has issued several internal measures to reduce the risk of contagion among employees. At the same time, it has prepared measures to ensure sustainable operation providing for an uninterrupted supply of electricity should the situation deteriorate, and a state of emergency be declared. Energy distribution does not fall within direct competence of the

Frequently asked questions

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?
The novel coronavirus causes an acute respiratory disease – viral pneumonia (droplet infection). This involves general symptoms of a virus infection or a typical respiratory disease, such as influenza – temperature above 38 °C, cough, rhinitis, muscle pain, joint pain, shortness of breath. A more comprehensive examination including X-ray reveals pneumonia. The incubation time for this coronavirus strain is reported to be 2 to 14 days, 6 days on average.

How is COVID-19 treated?
The treatment is symptomatic. COVID-19 is a viral disease and antibiotics do not work against it. There is currently no verified vaccine.

Who is most at risk from the coronavirus?
According to the available statistics, seniors are among the most vulnerable population groups in terms of the complications associated with COVID-19.

Can flu vaccination help me prevent COVID-19?
Vaccination against flue is advisable as it provides protection during the ongoing flu season. If a person falls ill with an infection caused by the coronavirus, the presence of another disease at the same time means a high risk of complications.

I order goods from various regions of the world. Can the disease be transmitted by postal consignments?
The delivery time for online purchases from Asian countries (e.g. China) is usually three weeks or more. It is not expected that the virus could survive on surfaces for such a long time. Hence, the risk of the novel coronavirus spreading from products or packaging is very low in this case.
The Slovak Post has also issued a statement on this topic and provided an assurance that consignments from Asian countries are safe. Additional information is available here.

Will wearing a protective face mask help me?
As regards the use of face masks and respirators, this is important for a person sick with a respiratory disease or a healthy person in contact with a respiratory disease patient.

For more information, please visit the Public Health Authority website.