Sport Projects

Reconstruction of the Krasňany outdoor swimming pool

The popular swimming pool in the city district of Rača will soon undergo a complete renovation and expansion.

Three stages of renovation and upgrades are planned:

  1. In the first stage, we will focus on the technologies and surfaces of the pools, locker rooms, and the entrance to the compound.
  2. In the second stage, we will renovate the bistro and the surroundings so it will also be accessible to the residents of the area.
  3. In the third stage, the compound will be expanded to include the neighbouring land owned by the city. The new area will be used for volleyball and exercises.
Vizualizácie návrhu rekonštrukcie kúpaliska Krasňany

You can find more information on the project and the project study on the webpage of the Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava ↗︎.

International Events

The city organizes for Bratislava’s young athletes the opportunity to participate in two international events – the International Children’s Games and the 4 Cities Tournament.

The International Children’s Games

These games are an international meeting of athletes under the age of 15 years. Methodius Clemenc, a Slovenian man from the city of Celje, is considered to be the "father" of these games.

The first games event took place in this city in the 1968. The 20th jubilee International Children’s Games were hosted in Bratislava in 1991.

There were 3 sport disciplines (athletics, swimming, tennis) and 10 cities from 9 countries participated in the games. Since then, Bratislava has been a regular and very successful participant.

The last Games were held in Ufa, athletes competed in 9 sports, and 84 cities from 29 countries around the world took part.

Web: ↗︎

4 Cities Tournament

The tournament is attended by young athletes aged 14 to 17 from 4 cities - Bratislava, Budapest, Ljubljana and Zagreb. Participating cities are annually taking turn in the hosting of the event. In 2019, the 24th anniversary year, it was Bratislava’s turn to host the tournament.

There are competitions in 6 sports: football (boys), basketball (girls), handball (boys), volleyball (girls), athletics and table tennis.

The aim is to enable participants to compete at international level with their peers, to provide them with the opportunity to establish sports contacts and friendly relationships, to become familiar with way of life, culture, gastronomy and customs in other countries.