The Home for Older People is a project to help those older than fifty years of age in Bratislava to secure housing.

Assistance to older residents is provided by renting out flats under the conditions laid down in the statute of the Home for Older People. Older residents can take advantage of allocated rental flats in the building at 3 Rezedová Street in Bratislava, which is owned and administered by the city.

In accordance with the statute and the approved procedure for the allocation of rental flats owned by the city that have not been entrusted to the administration of a city borough, the tenancy contracts are concluded for a maximum of two years with the possibility of repeated extensions subject to compliance with the conditions arising from the statute and the tenancy contract. There is no maximum limit to the tenancy period.

Accommodation is provided for:

  • people over fifty years of age
  • married couples

Conditions, requirements and necessary documents for inclusion in the project

Conditions for inclusion in the Home for Older People project on the date of application, the following conditions apply:

  • The applicant (in the case of a married couple – both spouses) has nowhere to live because: a) He or she is not a tenant or owner of any flat or family house; or b) He or she is not a tenant or owner of any flat or family house; or c) Long delays in enforcing the right to occupy a flat through a court order have prevented him or her from occupying the flat, and he or she has not lost the right to occupy the flat through his or her own fault, or the loss of the right to occupy the flat could not have been effectively prevented.

Or he or she has been a tenant of a flat since at least the date of its handover to the original owner issued in the redressing of wrongs under special regulations 1) without taking into consideration who owns such a building, or he or she has left a rental flat by abandoning his or her common household to his or her children or grandchildren who do not have their own housing provided for, or he or she has transferred the ownership of the flat or family house to them, provided that this fact occurred before the effective date of the current statute of the Home for Older People.

  • The applicant has been a permanent resident of Bratislava for at least five years prior to the application.

On the date of the conclusion of the tenancy contract, the following conditions apply:

  • Each applicant is over fifty years of age. This condition must also be met if the allocation of the flat has been requested by a person who, at the time the house was handed over to the original owner, was a tenant in a flat in a building handed over in redress of wrongs under special regulations, irrespective of who is the owner of such a building. In the case of an application by a married couple, the age condition must be met by both spouses.  
  • The applicants’ income is more than 1.2 times the minimum subsistence amount.

We would like to remind you of the important fact that applicants are obliged to update their applications within three years of the date of submission of the application, at least to the extent provided for in Article 3(1)(a), (b), (c), (d), (f) and (h) of Generally Binding Ordinance No. 1/2006. Failure to update the application will result in the applicant’s removal from the list of applicants.

Living wage calculator

Check quickly and easily whether your household's income is enough to cover the subsistence level. Without it, we cannot provide you with a place in our hostel.

Application requirements for renting a flat in the Home for Older People project:

  • the first name, surname, and signature of the applicant
  • the place of permanent residence/temporary residence of the applicant
  • the applicant's marital status
  • the number of household members included in the application and their relationship to the applicant
  • the applicant's housing conditions at the place of permanent/temporary residence
  • the reason for the application
  • other relevant circumstances relating to the application

Evidence of compliance with the conditions for inclusion in the project:

  • a photocopy of each applicant’s ID card
  • a photocopy of each applicant’s birth certificate
  • proof of each applicant’s marital status (e.g. a photocopy of a marriage certificate, final divorce decree in the case of a divorced applicant, or death certificate of an applicant’s spouse)
  • a document proving the amount of net income: an original income certificate from an employer or confirmation from the Social Insurance Agency on the amount of benefits granted – old-age pension, disability pension, widow’s/widower’s pension, etc.
  • a declaration by each applicant which states that they do not own any immovable property and which includes a signature