Social Housing

Housing Administration

The number of flats owned by the capital city: 1879 flats in 413 buildings The number of such flats in the administration of city boroughs: 1004 flats The number of such flats in the administration of the capital city: 875 flats (a substantial number of them are in liveable condition) The number of such flats which are barrier-free (disability access): 11 flats
These flats are located in various city boroughs of Bratislava – Petržalka, Ružinov, Karlova Ves, Nové Mesto, Rača, Dúbravka, Vrakuňa, Podunajské Biskupice and Staré Mesto.
Bratislava City Hall and the local authorities of the individual city boroughs manage the municipal housing stock through specialised management organisations.

The obligations of municipal housing managers

It is the duty of the managers of municipal flats to:

    arrange for tenants the transfer of rental payments, determine the amount and frequency of advance payments, and monitor payments and recover debts
    see to the repairs and maintenance of the residential building and common facilities, such as staircases, corridors, lifts, laundries, drying rooms, electrical wiring, water, sewerage, gas, roof and the building facade

Services provided by municipal housing managers

As part of their services, the managers ensure the following:

    the supply of heat and hot water, cold water and lighting as well as the cleaning of common areas, the winter maintenance of adjacent areas, safe access to pavements and the removal and disposal of household waste
A municipal housing manager may arrange for these services to be provided by specific suppliers at the tenant's request but at the tenant's expense. The same applies to municipal flats that have been entrusted to the administration of individual city boroughs.

Who to contact if the manager does not fulfil their obligations?

If a municipal housing manager does not fulfil their obligations, tenants can either contact the manager or the owner of the flats (the report of technical support or specific clerk at the apartment management department at Bratislava City Hall) by phone, in person or in writing.

Obligations of the tenant

Residents living in flats owned by the municipality are obliged to take care of their flats. They should keep their flats in a usable condition. This means doing things like cleaning, painting, and undertaking minor repairs or ensuring the function of certain fittings or appliances. This means such things as replacing seals on taps, replacing light bulbs, and bearing the normal operating costs associated with living in a flat.