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Bratislava starts collecting kitchen bio-waste two times per week from 27 February

From 27 February, the Waste Removal and Disposal Company (OLO) is changing the frequency of kitchen bio-waste collection from once to twice in every seven days. By optimising the collections, OLO aims to reduce the carbon footprint of waste collection. Accordingly, the collection days for households in selected city districts are also being changed. Residents who did not manage to pick up their kitchen bio-waste collection packs last year can currently pick them up at OLO headquarters. This is also where the distribution of compostable bags has been taking place since 1 March for those who have run out of bags from the starter pack.
From the project's launch in October 2021 up to the end of January 2023, Bratislava residents have managed to collect more than 5,000 tonnes of precious kitchen bio-waste. "We would like to thank all Bratislava residents who participate in the collection of kitchen bio-waste and help to turn their leftovers into a substrate. This and other projects make us proud that Bratislava is becoming a circular city," says Ivan Sokáč, Chair of the Board at OLO. ** Kitchen bio-waste will be collected twice a week as a seasonal change to the collection schedule**
Kitchen bio-waste is collected in Bratislava all the year round. The collection schedule varies seasonally, twice a year, based on Ordinance No. 12/2021 on the management of municipal waste and minor construction waste within the territory of Bratislava. In the week of 27 February 2023, the frequency of kitchen bio-waste collections will change from once to twice in every seven days. Kitchen bio-waste will be collected twice a week up to 2 December 2023.
To optimise collections, collection days are also being changed in some city districts
The change affects approximately 6,400 collection points in Bratislava, excluding the city districts of Vajnory, Jarovce and Čunovo. "OLO will inform the residents of the houses affected by the change electronically - via SMS and e-mail. The change will also be communicated to the managers of apartment buildings. Residents can check the collection days on OLO's website says Zuzana Balková, OLO’s External Communications Manager.
With this optimisation, OLO aims to increase the utilisation of collection vehicles and reduce the carbon footprint.
All households in Bratislava that didn't make it last year can still take part in the collection
If the residents of family houses or flats in Bratislava did not manage to pick up containers and compostable bags for the collection of kitchen bio-waste, they can still do so this year.
Residents of apartment houses can pick up a package at the OLO Customer Centre, Ivanská cesta 22, 821 04 Bratislava, every Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Residents of family houses can contact the OLO Customer Centre at or by phone on 02/50 110 550 to arrange further steps for collecting containers and compostable bags for kitchen bio-waste.
Compostable bags for participating households are distributed at the OLO headquarters
Currently, participating households that have already used all their compostable bags from the starter pack can pick up new ones at the OLO headquarters on Ivanská cesta 22 from 1 March 2023. OLO aims to make the distribution of compostable bags more convenient for residents and closer to them. Other ways of distributing compostable bags are currently being discussed with the city districts.