Public Transport

Bratislava Transport Company (DPB) receives its first new two-way trams


The Bratislava Transport Company (DPB) has been massively upgrading its vehicle fleet over the last few months. There are already 4 hydrogen buses, 50 hybrid trolleybuses and 20 unidirectional trams in operation, which will soon be joined by 10 new two-way trams. The first two have already arrived in the depot and could start carrying passengers in May. These will make Bratislava's public transport fully "low floor" on weekends.

At the end of the second week of March, the first two-way Škoda 30T3 tram out of an order of ten was delivered to Bratislava. All the vehicles should have arrived by May and will complete the fleet of twenty one-way trams delivered last year: these are already carrying passengers. As these represent a new type of tram, they need to undergo a homologation process prior to entering into operation. In the next few weeks, technical safety tests will be performed, both unladen and laden. Then they will go out on the streets as part of test runs. In addition to regular traffic to places without a full turning-point, the two-way trams will also be of considerable benefit in the event of closures. In the past, they allowed us to maintain traffic to Karlova Ves or on the waterfront during renovations.

"I am delighted that the Ministry of Transport is involved in the modernisation of public transport in Bratislava. Today we are handing over the first of ten low-floor, comfortable and air-conditioned two-way trams. Thanks to resources received from the European Union, we have managed to allocate almost half a billion euros over the last few years to green public transport in Bratislava. This is not just about new low-floor trams, but we are also investing in trolleybuses, tram and trolleybus tracks and maintenance facilities. We want transport in the capital to be fast and environmentally friendly, and we also want people to switch from cars to these beautiful trams," says Denisa Žiláková, State Secretary of the Ministry of Transport.

The two-way Škoda 30T3 trams are over 32 metres long and can accommodate up to 242 passengers. Conceptually, they are based on the vehicles delivered in 2014-2015, but differ in their more rigid bodywork, upgraded braking system and improved air-conditioning. The main distinguishing features on the exterior are the red and black headlamps at both front and rear and the full-colour information screens, which afford both colour differentiation of the lines and display time remaining until departure from the departure stop. The vehicles are already equipped with automatic passenger counters, tinted windows, CCTV as standard, and both Wi-Fi and USB sockets available to passengers.

"I am pleased that the modernisation of public transport in Bratislava is ongoing. After the purchase of new buses, trolleybuses and one-way trams, the latest addition to DPB's fleet includes ten new two-way low-floor trams. Such a major upgrade of the fleet is a major improvement in passenger comfort and means a substantial enhancement of quality of life for Bratislava residents. Comfortable, modern and, of course, safe public transport, which passengers enjoy using, is key to everyday life in the city. That is why I am glad we are systematically working with DPB's management on its improvements, including modernisation of the vehicle fleet," says Mayor Vallo.

"Modern public transport exerts high standards, which all our new vehicles meet. In recent years, dozens of new buses, trolleybuses and trams have provided the greatest level of comfort to our passengers. We plan to deploy the new two-way trams gradually, especially on line 4. I look forward to seeing more and more passengers on board our new vehicles every day. Thanks to this massive upgrade of our company's fleet, there is no place in Bratislava where the new vehicles have not yet reached. I would like to thank the Ministry of Transport and its project team for this opportunity, and I believe that our excellent and effective cooperation will continue as we plan to apply for external funding for further development projects for Bratislava's public transport," adds Martin Rybanský, DPB’s Chair of the Board.

Only low-floor and air-conditioned trams over the weekend, soon

With the addition of ten new two-way trams, we will be able to increase the number of low-floor connections throughout the tram network. Tram lines 3 and 9 are already fully low-floor. Once all the new trams are in service, we will be able to have all lines run exclusively on low-floor, air-conditioned trams at weekends.

The new trams are manufactured in Plzeň and Ostrava, Czech Republic, and are supplied to DPB by ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION, a.s. following public procurement, with the purchase being financed by the Cohesion Fund through the Integrated Infrastructure Operational Programme.