Development of the City

Memorandum on Planetarium


The city has signed a memorandum with the associations Slovak Planetariums and the Slovak Organisation for Space Activities on a planetarium in Bratislava, as a result of the cooperation between the city management and the supporters of the planetarium. The signing of the memorandum confirms the interest in building a planetarium in the city that will meet the needs of residents and visitors to Bratislava, as well as of the wider region.

The debate over the planetarium became more intense over the summer just past. At that time, the City Council confirmed the city’s proposal that the developer should not build and run a planetarium on the Danube embankment, but that its performance towards the city should be in favour of other projects for the benefit of the city's residents.

The city has consistently declared that it is interested in supporting science and research and that, in this context, it understands the efforts of associations, scientists and astronomy enthusiasts to ensure that Bratislava has its own planetarium. However, we have also long held the view that any such institution should be located in an appropriate location and premises with the potential to grow to include new capacities in the field of science and education, so that its aim and mission are truly fulfilled. The city leadership also clearly communicated that it wanted to continue the debate with representatives of the supporters of the planetarium who are seeking to establish such an institution in Bratislava. In its resolution, the City Council committed to the task of carrying out a feasibility study to identify a suitable location and the parameters for a future city planetarium.

This communication resulted in the signing of a joint memorandum on cooperation in the initiative to build a planetarium in Bratislava. The aim is to incorporate the planetarium as part of a larger complex of scientific, educational, popularisation or other educational institutions. Both the city and the Slovak Planetarium Association as well as the Slovak Organisation for Space Activities (SOSA) have thereby committed to play an active part towards the establishment of a planetarium in the city and to promote the planetarium project and the planetarium's activities. The purpose of the Memorandum is the cooperation of the parties to the Memorandum in preparation of the construction and possibly also the operation of the planetarium in Bratislava.

The role of the Slovak Planetariums and SOSA, in order to accomplish the objectives of this Memorandum, will be to carry out activities aimed at promoting the need for the construction of a planetarium in Bratislava and the fulfilment of its public benefit purpose in relation to the public, professional consultation on the design, construction and furnishing of the planetarium, the concept of the operation and management of the future planetarium. In particular, the city’s role will be to be in the vanguard of the project development process, which will be directed towards the fulfilment of the declared purpose of the Memorandum.

The parties to the Memorandum acknowledge that, due to the importance of the planetarium's function beyond the level and territory of the city, a multi-source funding model will be required for the construction and operation of the planetarium, including the participation of other public institutions.

Presenting a commemorative certificate for the naming of the asteroid after Vladimir Dolinay

Representatives of the Association of Slovak Planetariums also presented the Mayor with a certificate commemorating the naming of the planetarium after Vladimír Dolinay, a special person with a relationship to the popularisation of science and culture in Bratislava. Vladimír Dolinay (1981 – 2020) was a teacher, a long-time activist and briefly a member of Bratislava City Council. Vladimír was involved in many public service activities in Bratislava, including the establishment of a kindergarten in Petržalka. In connection with the "Star Mayor Wanted" initiative in 2014, he played a part in reaching out to mayoral candidates to publicly declare their support for the construction of a planetarium in Bratislava.

When Vladimír Dolinay suffered a tragic car accident in 2020, the Slovak Planetarium Association felt obliged to express their gratitude to him as a local politician who unwaveringly supported educational and cultural activities for the benefit of the people of Bratislava.

Not solely due to his understanding and support, astronomer Tomas Vorobyov. a member of this association, has dedicated a small asteroid to him, which will forever bear his name. Tomas Vorobyov, as the discoverer of asteroid number 400881, exercised his right to propose a name for the object and the International Astronomical Union officially registered the name VLADIMIRRDOLINAY for this celestial body.