Taxes and Levies

Property tax in Bratislava can once again be paid quickly and conveniently online this year


The Bratislava Account enables the online payment of property tax for all Bratislava residents. Those who want to pay the tax from the comfort of their home and avoid a yellow delivery notice and queues at the post office need to register in the Bratislava Account by 17 April. At the beginning of April, more than 29,000 users had already registered.

Bratislava was the first local government in Slovakia to introduce property tax payment without entailing a visit to the post office. We initiated the change in the law, along with the Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatisation and the Ministry of Finance, with an impact on the whole of Slovakia. Pursuant to the amended law, the city issued an ordinance laying down the terms for electronic communication and the provision of electronic services. Online payment not only saves time for the residents, but also time and money for the city. If 150,000 residents paid their property tax digitally, we would save more than 2.2 tonnes of paper per year. There are 210,000 taxpayers in Bratislava - individuals who pay property tax every year.

You can pay the property taxes online via the Bratislava Account ↗︎, which was created by City Hall's Innovation and Digital Services team. The Bratislava Account is gradually bringing together various electronic services and applications of the city. All taxpayers who are interested in paying their property tax online without going to the post office first need to register for the Bratislava Account by 17 April 2024. Property tax information will be added to the account from 29 April. Then, the tax needs to be paid in full by 14 May 2024. If the tax is paid in this way, the city will no longer send taxpayers any extra paperwork - neither a decision in the mail nor a yellow delivery notice

All the information about digital property tax payment and clear instructions on how to start using the account is available on the city's website ↗︎. Property tax can be paid online - conveniently, anywhere, via mobile phone, and through Apple Pay and Google Pay

The Bratislava Account was developed as a result of inquiries and understanding of the needs of Bratislava citizens, who clearly expressed their wish for digitalisation and transformation of the city’s services.

Currently, the Bratislava Account mainly includes the online property tax payment service and the bundled services of city organisations. Some pilot transformed services of the City of Bratislava have also been added - application for a binding opinion on investment activity, application for an opinion on an investment plan and property tax return. Gradually, the Account will be expanded to include all the services and applications of the City - residents will be able to communicate with the city quickly and conveniently, from any location and even via their mobile phone. All services will also be available to those who do not have an activated electronic ID card.