Bratislava Transport Company (DPB) has completed the most difficult phase of the track repair and modernisation of stops on Vajnorska radial route


Trams will return to the Vajnorská radial route from Monday, 18 December 2023. The Bratislava Transport Company (DPB) has completed the first phase of the tram line repair and stops modernisation project in the Kuchajda - Zlaté Piesky section. Passengers can now enjoy a faster and more comfortable ride. The project is transitioning smoothly into its second phase, which largely entails completion activities and works on the Jurajov dvor - Zlaté Piesky Depot section and will be in full operation from March 2024.

The renovation began in October 2023 with the dismantling of the existing track, stops and removal of the track superstructure. Two months later, the first phase - the basic construction, i.e. the tramway from Kuchajda to the Jurajov dvor depot and the “S route“ from the Vajnorská - Stará Vajnorská junction, including the turning point - was successfully completed. The tram line repair project and modernisation of stops in the Kuchajda - Zlaté Piesky section would not have been possible without a non-repayable financial contribution from the Operational Programme Integrated Infrastructure.

"If we want people to switch from cars to public transport, we need the transport to be faster and more attractive. Projects like this meet that requirement and that's why we're excited to be a part of it. The Ministry of Transport has financed this modernisation with €24 million from the Operational Programme Integrated Infrastructure," says Denisa Žiláková, State Secretary of the Ministry of Transport.

A new track superstructure has been built in the tram corridor, which will be welcomed for a faster and more comfortable ride by both passengers and drivers; it will result in lower maintenance costs for the line and vehicles. The posts are also gradually being cleaned, treated and painted and the power cables are being replaced, which serves as a preparation for the higher-capacity vehicles. The project also includes the upgrading of stops, where platform edges have been raised and the foundations for new shelters have been laid. The uniform Bratislava paving and guide-lines for the visually impaired are used at the stops. During the finishing works, information boards with real-time departures will be installed. The Zlaté Piesky terminus will become a combined stop affording a convenient transfer between trams and buses.

"I am glad that, thanks to the financial support from the EU funds, we were able to announce in October another important project of our Transport Company, which again fundamentally improves tram travel. I am delighted that this project is progressing successfully, as evidenced by the fact that we have managed to complete the most difficult phase of the line repair in a short period of time. This project is another important step towards making our public transport more reliable, safer and faster. The Vajnorska radial route will become a modern, safer, faster and quieter line. Improving public transport has long been one of our top priorities and this project to rebuild the Vajnory line proves it," says Mayor Vallo.

By meeting the repair deadline, the time period when traffic was restricted on Vajnorská Street was shortened. Matúš Čupka, mayor of Bratislava - Nové Mesto, appreciates the fact that passenger and public transport will return to the standard mode: "The faster tram connection between Zlaté piesky and the city will be used especially by passengers who choose an environmentally friendly form of transport and want to avoid heavy traffic, but also by visitors to the city, who can leave their vehicles at the park-and-ride base. It will help reduce the number of cars on one of the busiest streets in Nové Mesto," says Mayor Matúš Čupka.

The renovation of the tram line on the Vajnorská radial route was necessary as the line had undergone only one section repair in more than thirty years and its condition no longer allowed smooth passage at maximum speed for DPB vehicles, nor did it provide the level of comfort for passengers experienced in other parts of the city.

"I am thrilled that we have managed to complete the first phase of the repair on the Vajnorská radial route in such a short time. We have already finished the most difficult part and we are now waiting for the finishing works and the repair of the next section in the direction from the depot to the final stop. However, tram traffic to Zlaté Piesky and the city centre will be maintained. I would like to thank passengers for their patience. It is because of such extensive restrictions that we were able to restore traffic after only two months elapsing from the start of the renovations. I believe that the ride will be more comfortable not only for passengers but also for our drivers," adds Martin Rybanský, DPB’s Chair of the Board.

Line 4 returns to Zlaté Piesky

As of Monday 18 December 2023, the DPB is resuming the operation of line 4 to Zlaté Piesky in its full extent and at the same time terminating the operation of the replacement bus line X4. There will still be local restrictions on selected sections along the line in the next few days, in particular for the completion of stops and kerbs.