If you are organising an event, having the mayor's patronage can give it an important tone and add another dimension to it. As a non-financial symbolic act, the mayor's patronage is an honourable privilege and declaration which makes the event more prestigious. The patronage does not automatically confer any concessions; these must be requested separately from departments and city officials. Nonetheless, the mayor’s patronage can greatly assist in the granting of concessions.

We usually respond within 30 days of receiving a complete application.

You can apply for the mayor's patronage for the following reasons:

  • prestige
  • financial relief
  • discounts on renting the Hall of Mirrors
  • an exemption from paying tax on the use of public space
  • free promotion on the city's communication channels

You can apply for the mayor’s patronage if you are organising any of the following activities:

  • Cultural events

  • Charity activities and other events offering a public benefit

  • Sports events

  • Filmmaking and other forms of cultural production