Bratislava is situated on the Danube river and within a larger region where four countries meet. It has been a key part of European history and has a character of multicultural development. These attributes have been essential for Bratislava in terms of being an important player in the central European region and beyond.

Today, as a free, democratic and young city, Bratislava is taking steps to be truly innovative.

In addition to its role as the political, economic, administrative and cultural centre of Slovakia, Bratislava has had the opportunity to directly participate in shaping international politics. It has also received impulses for important development; thanks to funds and technical assistance from the European Union (EU), a number of important projects have been implemented.

The city's international relations and activities are carried out in the traditional form of direct cooperation with other cities as well as in the form of European-level policies and activities. An additional form of international cooperation is carried out through contacts with embassies based in the city.