Program of renewal of public spaces of Bratislava

The forgotten spaces of our city are coming back to life.

Following their renovation, they will offer a pleasant and functional environment for spending leisure time and meetings of communities for all residents of Bratislava.

Some of the living spaces are being funded by donations from Bratislava-based companies. The city is seeking out partners to help fund other investments as part of the Vivid Places programme.

Vivid Places supported by external partners:

  • Plane trees on Trnavské mýto (Swiss Re supported the care of the newly planted trees).
  • Pocket Park on Radlinského street (supported by Swiss Re).
  • Pocket Park Žilinská (supported by the ČSOB Foundation).

You can find more information on the programme of renewal of public spaces on the webpage of ↗︎. The Vivid Places are coming back to life quickly, and the opportunities for partnership are also evolving. We will be more than happy to present them to you.

Contact person for sponsors and CSR partnership:

Andrej Salner, MSc. Department of Program Planning and Cooperation