Support of Strategic Cultural Events

We have introduced a new grant program Strategic support of cultural events, which is aimed at the organizers of established cultural events happening in the Capital.

Which events can be supported?

There is a condition, that the event is stable and functional, took place for the minimum of 3 years and was spread over at least 2 days. For example, these events could be cultural festivals, shows or others that make up the inseparable part of the cultural events that city has to offer.

At the same time, these events should have the potential to become part of the city identity (or indeed, they are the part of it already), and which have multiplication effect potential for the city – thus generate secondary income, as well as economic and social development of the city.

Which events are not supported?

The support is not intended for the events where the culture is just a secondary part of an event. Neither we can support events that are of local importance, despite having artistic guests from abroad (markets, wine harvest festivals and others).

Ideal events for this grant proposals are those that:

  • Have meaningful link with the City of Bratislava
  • Focus on the development of the originality of the arts and development of a particular space within the City of Bratislava
  • Revive public spaces
  • Develop new trends, genres, interconnections, and co-operation of civil society
  • Reach not only the municipal area of Bratislava, but also within the Slovak Republic and abroad, involve in their activities renowned artists and specialists and can clearly, specifically, and credibly define the aims and visions as well as long term sustainability of the project

If you are interested in this support, you can find more information in the call for the given year.