City Youth Parliament

The City Youth Parliament of Bratislava is a self-governing group of children and young people who care about the city they live in and want to actively shape both the city and their relationship to it.

The idea behind the City Youth Parliament is to implement the Principles of the City's Relationship to Children and Youth. The aim is to present the interests of children and young people, raise issues and offer solutions in an appropriate way, and provide an opportunity to express their opinions on current problems in society.

The City Youth Parliament was formed on 25 April 2006. Its members are children and young people from thirteen to twenty-five years of age who attend primary schools, secondary schools and universities in Bratislava. The agendas of the City Youth Parliament's meetings include items that are within the competence of the municipality as well as proposals and issues that are directly related to the world of peers and classmates. Just like the meetings of the elected members of the city council, meetings of the City Youth Parliament are held regularly on a monthly basis.