City Forestry

Bratislava Forest has long played an important health and recreational role in the life of the city. Up to 98% of the forested area within the city limits has been classified as special-purpose forest.

Bratislava's urban forests cover an area of 3,100 hectares, of which 2,873 are forest land. The area under the city’s management is bordered by a part of the Little Carpathians. This boundary passes through locations such as Červený most, Lamač, Kačín, Malý Slavín, Biely Kríž and Vajnorská dolina.

The varied tree composition is dominated by deciduous species. The most widespread and most economically important tree species is beech, followed by oak and hornbeam. The forest cover of this area is 96%, and the remaining areas are covered by meadow grassland, watercourses and reservoirs, built-up areas and purpose-built forest areas.

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