Planting spring bulbous plants in autumn 2021

Bulbous plants were planted in designated areas during the autumn, with a total of eleven bulb plant mixtures being used. The individual mixtures are specially blended to create an interesting flowering effect that lasts for as long as possible. The plants will flower at intervals of two to five months (approximately from the end of February to the end of May), depending on the particular mixture.

The relaxation phase of the plant's life cycle, when the whole above-ground part turns yellow and dries out, must be respected; these are plants that flower in early spring, and therefore they need to rest. Areas that have been in full bloom for a few months should be allowed to dry out and then be mowed at the end of May/beginning of June so that they have the energy to flower again in the following season.

Fotografia jarných kvetov
  • Čunovo: 5 200pcs, locations: Hraničiarska
  • D. N. Ves: 21 552pcs, locations: Eisnerová, Opletalová
  • Dúbravka: 16 138pcs, locations: Saratovská, Saratovská/Bagarová, Drobného,
  • Jarovce: 9 100pcs, locations: Jantárová (zastávka Píla), Jantárová (zastávka Píla)
  • Karlova Ves: 25 850pcs, locations: Dlhé diely, Karloveská
  • Lamač: 13 444pcs, locations: Podháj, Bakošova vnútroblok
  • Nové Mesto: 47 400pcs, locations: Račianske mýto, Hálková, Račianska, Riazanská, Stromová, Bajkalská,
  • Petržalka: 110 000pcs, locations: Šustekova, Panónska cesta, Bratská, Kopčianska, Daliborovo námestie, Sad Janka Kráľa
  • Rusovce: 17 030ks, locations: Balkánska, Starorímska, Rusovská cesta
  • Ružinov: 60 400pcs, locations: Ružinovská, Herlianska, Rožňavská
  • Staré Mesto: 53 320pcs, locations: Jánska, Justičná fontána, Námestie Slobody, Šulekova, Most SNP, Nám. Eugena Suchoňa, Lamačská cesta/patronka, námestie Benku, Dostojovského rad, Štefanikova, Hodžovo námestie, Račianske mýto
  • Vajnory: 13 000pcs, locations: Rybaničová
  • Vrakuňa: 49 100pcs, locations: Kazanská, Dvojkrížna, Podunajská
  • Z. Bystrica: 11 100pcs, locations: Čsl. Tankistov, Tešedíková

The used range of bulbous plants

Mixtures: Apeldoorn, Brussel, Dancing Tulips, Energy, Fresh Collection, Huizen, Liverpool, Moerdijk, Orange Glow, Purplish and Sun Valley