Towing of Vehicles

If a vehicle is parked improperly and must be towed, the towing will be done by the city's towing company – Mestský parkovací systém, s.r.o. To verify if a vehicle has been towed, you can use an app to search for towed vehicles by licence plate number. The information needed to retrieve the vehicle can be found below.

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Operating hours

Nonstop: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week You can pick up your car at any time.

Documents necessary to pick up your vehicle

  • ID card
  • Vehicle registration card (+ If you are not the owner of the vehicle, you need to have a power of attorney or a statutory declaration. The declaration does not have to be notarised.)

Towing fee

130 € incl. VAT (+ parking ticket) Possible to pay directly at the towing company in cash or by card.


This is also the location of the Municipal Police station where you can pay the parking ticket.

Public transport: line 58 (weekdays at rush hour) stops directly in front of the entrance; lines 63, 65, and 96 stop (on Galvaniho Street)


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