City Owned Entities

OLO to collect garden bio-waste all the year round with a seasonal change of frequency


Garden bio-waste will again be collected every fourteen days from 29 February up to the end of November. On 14 December 2023 the City Council also approved garden bio-waste collections in December and February once every 28 days in a modification to the Generally Binding Regulation (Regulation No. 18/2023), effective from 1 January 2024. Accordingly, the Waste Removal and Disposal Company (OLO) is starting the collection of biodegradable waste from gardens.

OLO will collect biodegradable waste from gardens (BRO) from those households participating in the collection of BRO which have a collection scheduled in odd weeks once every 28 days from 18 January to 28 February 2024. The first collection every 14 days will take place from 29 February to 12 March 2024

Households participating in the collection of biodegradable waste from gardens (BRO) which have a collection scheduled in even weeks will be serviced by OLO once every 28 days from 22 January to 23 February 2024. The first collection once every 14 days will take place from 4 March to 8 March 2024

From 29 February to the end of November, garden bio-waste will again be collected once every 14 days.

Residents can find information about their collection day by entering their address on the OLO website ↗︎. Residents will also be informed of this change via SMS if they entered a mobile number when joining the collection system

The following timetable provides a general summary. In the event of damage to the sticker or container, please contact OLO Customer Service at 02/50 110 111 or by email at [email protected]

Pursuant to Generally Binding Regulation No.18/2023 of Bratislava on the management of municipal waste and minor construction waste, the collection of garden biodegradable waste (BRO) from brown collection bins will be carried out all the year round, with the collection frequency once in every 14 days from March to November and once in every 28 days from December to February.

Bratislava residents (individuals and flats) who participate in the municipal waste collection system can also hand in their BRO all the year round at the OLO collection centre on Stara Ivanska cesta 2. Residents of Rača, Nové Mesto and Vajnory can also hand in BRO seasonally from April to November at the collection yard on Pri Šajbách. Bio-waste from gardens can also be handed in at collection yards elsewhere in the city. More information can be found on the City Hall's website ↗︎ or on the city districts' websites

In the event that residents have acquired a property and are interested in a BRO container or a composter, the application should be delivered to the Department of Local Taxes, Levies and Licences on Blagoevova 9, Bratislava, in person or by mail. Contact details can be found at Bratislava web ↗︎.

If you live in a block of flats and would like to have a BRO container, please contact your building manager, who is entitled to register you free of charge in the BRO system. Once you have joined the collection scheme, the container will usually be delivered within seven working days

In 2023, we collected 6,137 tonnes of garden bio-waste, which was processed in a composter. The brown collection bin for BRO is used for the collection of flowers, wood chips, sawdust, grass clippings, small pieces of branches up to 5cm in diameter, leaves, fruit and vegetable waste, weeds. The following items are not to be placed in the collection container: compostable bags (including biodegradable), non-biological waste and mixed municipal waste, other foreign objects; stones, pallets, bottles, pots, metal, etc.

Only properly sorted waste can be further processed. If the container contains waste that does not belong in it, the container will not be emptied, and the collection will be considered completed. The waste owner will be obliged to sort the waste at their own expense and deliver it to the place designated for the waste in question.