Scientific and professional activity

The Archive and its experts cooperate with scientific, cultural and educational institutions located within or out of the city.

The Archive develops close cooperation mainly with City Museum, not only in the preparation of exhibitions and conferences, but also by regularly contributing to the Bratislava Yearbook of Science. Other partners of City Archive are the Society of Slovak Archivists, the Historical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, the Comenius University in Bratislava and others.

The employees of the archive are also engaged in their own publishing activities. They work on the topics related to the history of the administration, the city elites or, on the other hand, groups of people standing on the margins of society as well as the history of archiving and other topics related to the history of the city or the history of their own field of interest.

Our archivists are members of several expert committees and boards. The Archive also organizes an annual open day with exhibitions and lectures. Our archivists similarly organise separate lectures for primary and secondary schools.