City’s Advisory Bodies


The advisors provide professional activities of a strategic and conceptual nature and undertake other specialised work as instructed by the Mayor.

  • Mgr. et Mgr. Bruno Konečný is the advisor to the mayor on city districts.
  • Ing. arch. Juraj Šujan is the advisor to the mayor on the development of the city, spatial planning and communication with developers.
  • Mgr. Michaela Benedigová, PhD., MBA is the advisor to the Mayor in the areas of change management and communication – specifically city development communication.
  • Ing. Jaroslav Pavlovič
  • Ivan Peschl is the advisor to the Mayor on the city’s shareholder rights in municipal enterprises.
  • Bc. Martin Královič is the advisor to the Mayor on security, Night Mayor.
  • Ing. František Brliť is the advisor to the First Deputy Mayor on transport construction.

The Nomenclature Committee

This is an advisory body to the Mayor of Bratislava. The resolutions of the Nomenclature Committee are considered to be expert opinions which are taken into account when determining the names of public spaces in Bratislava.

Current members:

  • Árpád Korpás – OZ Bratislavské rožky/Pozsonyi Kifli Polgári Társulás (civic association)
  • Ján Kúkel – Bratislava City Archive
  • Eva Miklušová – Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Authority of the Slovak Republic
  • Dr Andrej Svorenčík – Mannheim University
  • Iveta Vančová – Ľudovít Štúr´s Institute of Linguistics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences
  • Ivo Štassel – Municipal Monument Preservation Institute
  • Dr Milota Sidorová – Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava
  • Matúš Maťátko – OZ Post Bellum (civic association)

The Council of Senior Citizens of Bratislava

This is a permanent advisory body to the Mayor in addressing the status of senior citizens in the city, improving their quality of life and ensuring closer cooperation with stakeholder organisations and individuals.

The council convenes four times a year and is made up of:

  • active elderly residents from each city borough
  • a representative of the Association of Beneficiaries of Social Services
  • a representative of the Regional Organisation of the Union of Pensioners of Slovakia

Chair: Lenka Antalová Plavúchová – Deputy Mayor Vice Chair: Daniela Lipková – an elected member of the council, representative of the Devínska Nová Ves city borough

The council is governed by a statute, and its meetings are closed to the public with the exception of the discussion of items of measures related to the quality of life of senior citizens and people with disabilities living in Bratislava.