The city’s initiative of 10 000 Trees focuses on planning the systematic renovation and sustainability of woody plants. Since 2019 we have planted more than 3 200 trees and 6 000 bushes, which is more than the total number of woody plants planted over many previous years put together.

10 000 Trees is part of the city’s programme of adaptation to climate change.

The city of Bratislava needs more trees in parks, as well as on the streets to protect it from over-heating, improve the air quality and mitigate the effects of heavy rainfall, as well as to provide living space for animals and much-needed insects. Tree-lined streets are pleasanter and make the people walking along them more relaxed.

The surveys show that the city’s residents regard greenery as one of the most important issues to deal with, hence it has naturally become a priority for the city management.

You can find more details about the 10 000 Trees initiative, as well as other options for individual, corporate or institutional support at the dedicated webpage of ↗︎.

Timeline of the initiative

Autumn 2020

The city reached out to its partners asking for donations for the 10 000 Trees initiative; thanks to the social responsibility of companies, individuals, and institutions (e.g. embassies), we have been able to plant 250 trees more.

Spring and autumn 2021

In the following season, the partners supported us in funding and provided voluntary work, so we were able to plant even more trees.

How can I participate?

Each season, the city is looking for hundreds of locations all over the city to plant strong and healthy trees. Those can be woody plants on the streets,in small parks, yards of blocks of flats, or along the roads. We select suitable types of plants in order to support the city’s adaptation to climate change.

There are places which need just one or only a few trees to complete the current alleys. You can become our partner in supporting specific trees or areas and provide material for planting or care for the newly planted trees.

Each tree we plant using donated funds allows us to use budgetary funds for additional green vegetation. You can become our partner and help us make our city healthier, greener and more pleasant.

Contact person for sponsors and CSR partnership

Andrej Salner, MSc. Department of Programme Planning and Cooperation