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Financed projects

Urban Manufacturing

The City of Bratislava joined the project of Urban Manufacturing, executed as part of the interregional cooperation programme of “Europe, Let’s Cooperate!“ Interreg Europe.

Recently, we witnessed the creation of several creative collaborative spaces, like co-working, Fab Labs, creative workshops, creative blocks, science parks and incubators. These activities lack a suitable environment (ecosystem) to monetise their potential and maintain sustainability. There is a need for new innovative approaches to help interconnect them and use them for further economic development. This is denoted as “City Plants” in the project.

The project’s main objective is make areas bloom. This can be achieved by identifying examples of best practice, improving the related policy tools in the partner cities/regions, and monitoring the impacts.

The project will promote experience-sharing and the transfer of best-practice examples between the partners in order to improve the policies in innovative infrastructure - creative collaborative spaces.

There are ten partners from eight cities/EU regions involved in the project.

Bratislava’s partners are: Birmingham City University, Birmingham City Council, Lisbon, Agency for Economic Development, Fomento San Sebastian, Zagreb, Vilnius, Agency for Support of Businesses (Kranj), the Lazio Region, and the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum (Zagreb)

Benefits for the city: Bratislava will benefit from the exchange of experience and knowledge with all its partners.

Duration of project: 10 terms / 60 months in 2 stages

Period of project execution: January 2017 - December 2021

Prolongation of project execution: September 2021 – December 2022

Indicative project budget: € 1,868,317.20

Indicative project budget after prolongation: € 2,038,752.03

Budget of the City of Bratislava: € 139,896.00

Budget of the City of Bratislava post-prolongation: € 151,788.00

  • ERDF (85%): € 129,019.80
  • Co-financing by the city (15%): € 22,768.20

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