The budgeting rules of Bratislava form the basic framework for the creation, approval, modification and monitoring of the budget of Bratislava. They draw the responsibilities of individual parties within the City Hall of Bratislava as well as the City Council authorities. They bring foreseeability of deadlines into the budgetary process, transparency in both suppositions and assumptions as well as disclosures and monitoring of the delivery of examined findings and measures.

The obligation to regularly review Bratislava’s expenditure is being introduced in order to increase the efficiency and management of public spending. Mayor's powers to change the budget in their own remit are set. The budgetary rules were approved by the Resolution No 1065/2021 of the City Council on 16 December 2021.

Related internal regulations

The Budgeting Rules foresee the emergence of a number of internal guidelines which specify the technical and procedural details of various provisions within the Budgeting Rules: Budgeting Revenue, Budgeting Expenditure and Methodology of Performance Audits. They will be made public here after they have been processed and approved for publication.