We estimate that on the Austrian side of the border with Bratislava region lives almost 10,000 Slovak men and women.

baum_cityregion is a platform of co-operation between the city of Bratislava and Austrian organisations NÖ.Regional a Regionalmanagement Burgenland.

The project is theme-based around cross border city region of Bratislava and its surroundings, including Austrian villages in Niederösterreich (Lower Austria) and Burgenland which are located just across the city boundaries. This project brings mutual co-operation.

What is the scope of the “baum_cityregion“ project?

The “baum_cityregion“ project is a continuation of already established cross border project “baum2020“. Its aim is to resolve various challenges presented within this cross-border region, through cross-border approach to these issues.

One of the further objectives of the project is also:

  • to set up a communal organisation of Bratislava and the Austrian surrounding areas and to create sustainable institutional platform for the city region Bratislava and its surrounding areas (BAUM)
  • to exchange and to maintain a flow of important information in the city region, while paying particular attention to cross-border themes in the three following areas:
    • mobility
    • space and the environment
    • culture

The strategic partners of the project are Stadt-Umland Management Wien/Niederösterreich and Bratislavský samosprávny kraj (Bratislava Self-Governing Region). The cross-border co-operation within the area of culture is sponsored by The Department of Culture.

Project duration: 04/2021 - 12/2022

The project is co-financed by the co-operation programme INTERREG V-A Slovakia - Austria 2014-2020 ( ↗︎) from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The project budget is co-financed by Bratislava city and is provided by the funds from the state budget of the Slovak Republic and from the resources of the Capital of Slovak Republic, Bratislava.


Mgr. Andrea Kasanická Kostolná Project guarantor

Ludmila Glembová, M.A. Coordinator of cross-border cultural cooperation


What is the main theme and an objective of the project INTERREG V-A SK-AT: CULTURE ACROSS?

Protection of monuments and increased attractiveness of the cultural heritage in cross-border region Marchfeld – Bratislava.

The main project partners are the village of Marchegg and the Múzeum mesta Bratislavy (Bratislava City Museum), the strategic partner is the Capital of Slovak Republic, Bratislava.

The objective is:

  • to update the information and navigation system of the Devín Castle
  • to carry out monumental reconstruction of the historic architecture at the castle
  • to reconstruct the object “cella memoria”
  • to carry out the archaeological research within the castle grounds
  • to prepare two expert seminars focusing on the expert co-operation around protection, renewal, and accessibility of cultural monuments, as well as a pilot co-operation between the primary schools in Marchegg and Bratislava focused on cultural heritage interpretation

The implementation of the project will strengthen and make more effective the cross-border co-operation of Bratislava and Niederösterreich (Lower Austria) in such way, that the cultural monuments of Devín Castle and the Castle Marchegg will become more attractive to the public in Slovak-Austrian border region.

Duration of the project: 9/2021 - 12/2022



Múzeum mesta Bratislavy Radničná 1, 815 18 Bratislava