“Decade of Culture” as an excellent opportunity for development and inclusion

The very first strategic document in the field of culture, named “Decade of Culture” (Dekáda pre kultúru), will show the vision for sustainable development of culture for the next decade.

This will be an open, regularly analysed and updated document.

Our aim is to give the culture an important place in the following areas of city development, and therefore:

  • We are introducing new working mechanisms based on the strategic planning, collection and analysis of data, effective financing of cultural projects, or involving the experts and the public in creating.
  • We want to create local cultural policies which will be used not only by the cultural agencies, but also by the wider communities, residents actively involved in their local areas, civil activists, and marginalised groups.
  • We are seeking cultural policies that intersect with other city policies.
  • We are developing physical cultural infrastructure, including using the public spaces for cultural purposes.
  • We are developing the cultural potential of our city and building cross border partnerships.

The “Decade of Culture” is based on principles of the city sustainability, accessibility and inclusion, environmental responsibility, equality and diversity, participation, and democracy.

You can find everything about this concept and how to get involved on: www.dekadaprekulturu.sk ↗︎


If you are interested in further information or would like to send us a message, feel free to reach out to us at this e-mail address.