Map of Bratislava's Education

The map of Bratislava education will gradually cover all relevant educational institutions. The map will include all institutions located within the territory of the city (and those registered in the Network of Schools and School Facilities of the Slovak Republic) in formal and non-formal education setting. It will enable the parents to navigate through the catchment areas of primary schools and more easily find out to which catchment school they belong to according to their address.

In its final form, the map of Bratislava’s education will show:

  • nursery schools (with their districts)
  • primary schools (with their districts)
  • special schools
  • school educational facilities (children's school clubs, centres for leisure, school dormitories, clusters and others)
  • consultancy facilities
  • ecclesiastical schools and school facilities
  • private schools and school facilities
  • primary art schools
  • police schools
  • grammar schools
  • conservatoires
  • secondary vocational schools
  • allied schools
  • practical teaching centres and work place teaching facilities

And also:

  • civic associations, non-profit organisations and companies dealing with matters in education and leisure activities
  • sports clubs
  • faculties of higher education institutions
  • important institutions in the area of education with nationwide activities (such as Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak republic, State Pedagogical Institute, SAS, Centre of Scientific and Technical Information of the Slovak Republic, Iuventa, NUCEM and others)