Programme Grant for the Development of Sport and Education in Bratislava

This programme grant is an innovative successor of the system of support for projects implemented through the Programme Grant for Leisure, Sport and Social Activities, the Money Fund to support the development of physical culture in Bratislava and the direct support of sporting events from the city budget.

The provision of subsidies and repayable financial assistance is governed by the Generally Binding Ordinance of Bratislava, the capital city of the Slovak Republic, No. 16/2012 on the Granting of subsidies and repayable financial assistance from the budget of Bratislava, the capital city of the Slovak Republic.

The programme grant works as a structure of 4 sub-programmes:

  • Sub-programme 1: Program Grant to Support Physical Activities and Non-formal Education for projects working with children and young people (project support up to 3,320€)
  • Sub-programme 2: Program Grant to Support Sporting and Educational Events (project support between 3,320€ and 10,000€)
  • Sub-programme 3: Grant program for the support of performance and elite sports for children and youth (for the years 2020 and 2021, the program is without a call and therefore currently inactive)
  • Sub-programme 4: Program Grant to Support Investments in Sports Infrastructure in the Bratislava

Presentation of supported projects

The city supports various activities and events of legal entities – operating within the city or working for benefit of the children and young people in Bratislava. The support comes from the Programme Grant for the Promotion of Sport and Education in Bratislava, with its 4 sub-programmes, and also from the city budget.


The program grant has its rules stipulated in separate statutes of the relevant subprogram grants. The statutes in their content state the objectives of the support, the eligible activities and items of support, the eligible applicants, the criteria for evaluating applications and other relevant facts of the support system set up.

The Slovak capital, Bratislava, has (as of the 1.1.2020) introduced an electronic system for submitting grant applications.

You can access the electronic application system page here ↗︎, or by clicking on the link located next to the selected subprogram grant.