Sub-programme 1

Application deadline in 2024

Application deadline 1. 3. - 15. 4. (in 2024 we assume only 1 challenge)

The aims of the Sub-programme 1 Grant

Support for sporting and educational events and activities organized mainly at local level in order to involve as many residents of the city as possible with an emphasis on children and young people and their active use of their leisure time (see more details in Status of Sub-programme 1 Grant ↗︎

The amount of subsidy

Minimum subsidy amount for one approved project: €500. Maximum amount of subsidy per approved project: €5,000.

The maximum amount of subsidy per applicant for all approved projects, including approved projects in Subprogramme 2 to support sports and educational events, is €15,000 per calendar year.

Allocated funds for 2024: €90,000

Eligible applicants

  • Legal entities of which the city is not the founder
  • Individuals - entrepreneurs who have their registered office or permanent residence in the territory of the city, or who are active, carry out activities in the territory of the city, or provide services to the residents of the city

Eligible supported activities

  • events and activities of interest focused on physical activities, creativity and entrepreneurship, support for talent development, building a natural interest in regular or occasional leisure extracurricular activities
  • events and activities aimed at acquiring social skills and competences
  • conferences, workshops, seminars, trainings
  • sporting and educational events and activities carried out mainly within the capital
  • regular training and leisure activities
  • camps, bootcamps and exchange programmes
  • promotion of activities promoting movement, healthy lifestyles, leisure and educational activities and related work and services
  • issuing printed materials in support of leisure and educational activities and related work and services

In connection with measures related to COVID-19, the city allows support for activities carried out in a natural environment, in addition to supporting activities carried out outdoors as well as on-line.

Project evaluation criteria

Project evaluation criteria ↗︎

Each project can earn a maximum of 100 points. In order to be successful, a project must receive at least 70% of the total score.

Subsidy spending

The subsidy beneficiary is obliged to use the granted subsidy effectively, for the approved purpose and within the budget period. The beneficiary is obliged to spend the funds at the latest by 31.12. of the relevant calendar year.

The use of the subsidy is subject to submission of mandatory account statement to the provider.

What do you need to apply for a grant?

  • company charter, alternatively the status of the organisation bearing the stamp of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak republic, or other document proving the formation of a legal entity
  • proof of allocation of IČO (Company ID Number), DIČ (Tax ID Number), IČ DPH (VAT Reference Number)
  • a document proving the authority to act on behalf of the statutory representative of the legal entity (appointment decree or other)
  • proof of the opening or managing of the applicant's account by the bank
  • proof of the formation of the legal entity (the date, place and registration number will be required
  • an overview of any projects already supported by the funds from the capital's budget in the last two years (project name, amount of subsidy)
How to apply for a grant?

Fill in the application in the electronic system. Fill in the application in the electronic system in the relevant call of the subprogram grant.


Attach all mandatory documents. Including a scan copy of the signed affidavit.


Check the accuracy and completeness of the above information. (E.g., correct name of the applicant, do not use abbreviations, correct account number, please check that contact details are up to date and correct, etc.)


Send the application form.

  • The printed version of electronically submitted application together with the original affidavit is submitted only if the project is successful, at the date of signing of the contract.
  • Where the applicant makes an application for the first time, they also need to submit copies of all other compulsory appendices at the time of signing of the contract.
  • If there are any changes in already submitted appendices for year 2020, e.g., in the company charter or statutes, bank details, appointments of statutory representatives, etc., the applicant needs to submit the copies confirming these changes at the time of signing of the contract at the offices of the programme sponsors: Oddelenie školstva, športu a mládeže, Magistrát hl. mesta SR Bratislavy, Uršulínska 6, 3rd floor. (Department for Education, Sport and Young People, Bratislava City Hall, Uršulínska 6, 3rd floor)

Important information and recommendations

Login data, through which you will log in to the electronic system for submitting subsidy applications, the so-called e-system, write it down carefully and save it. You will need them every time you enter the e-system, either when submitting additional new applications, or when entering to write a final report and account for the subsidy provided.

The application form must first be sent electronically and then printed in a PRINTABLE VERSION.

Do not send the application in printed form during the closing date, it will be delivered only in case of successful project to sign the contract.

We can only accept applications submitted electronically via the e-system no later than at the midnight of the specified deadline.


Mgr. Jana Panáková

Consulting hours: Monday: 9:00 - 11:00, 14:00 - 16:00 Wednesday: 9:00 - 11:00, 13:00 - 15:00

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