Circular Economy

Map of circular economy

Circular map of Bratislava, which offers to residents, but also visitors to Bratislava, places that help you create less waste. The map was created thanks to the cooperation of the Institute of Circular Economy, o.z. and Punkt, o.z.

Individual points are sorted by city districts.

KOLO – Bratislava Center for Reuse

The municipal reuse center covers an area of ​​1,200 m2 and is a place where, on the one hand, but on the other hand, preserved and usable objects are given a second chance. Such things are also found in households in Bratislava and often end up in municipal waste bins, even if they shouldn't.

KOLO serves people as a waste prevention tool in the spirit of the motto "The best waste is the one that is not created". It is a place where everyone can find what they need and where everyone can get rid of "surplus" household items in a meaningful and ecological way. It is also a space where items can be repaired, thus extending their life.

KOLO also includes the HUB of circular thoughts and ideas - an educational and creative center for people from Bratislava and its surroundings. We also cooperate with the non-profit sector and organizations helping socially weaker and disadvantaged groups of the population. We register all collected money as contributions to the public collection and will further use it for its purpose - to protect and create the environment - thereby supporting environmental projects in the capital.

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