Greenery Care Map

Greenery is an important part of the city, and Bratislava is systematically working on more efficient and regular care, as well as on the planting of trees. Greenery that has been neglected for many years receives adequate care. Thanks to the data, we know where what is located and when any of the care services were performed. Map of tree Care is tuned to "autumn" colors.

Strategy for the protection of urban greenery

The city's goal is a systematic, continuous and professional maintenance of greenery in Bratislava, whether it is urban or road greenery. This is also to be facilitated by the passportisation of hundreds of thousands of trees and other greenery within the territory of our city, currently in preparation.

  1. Identifying factors that threaten greenery Effective protection should be based on correctly identified causes of tree damage and mortality. This may include improper planting, site exposure, damage due to animals or vandalism, salting, cars, the existence of technical networks in their vicinity or interference with the root zone or inappropriate pruning.

  2. Protecting existing trees A balanced green infrastructure must include trees of different ages. In combination with rainwater harvesting measures, we are gradually applying water retention measures and distribution elements for watering green areas. These measures include the creation of green road isles and green walls.

  3. Building space for roots The main problem for urban greenery is the loss of space for the root system of trees. Originally, the trees were planted after construction had been completed and the gas, water and sewer infrastructure had been established. Nowadays, the demands on infrastructure are constantly increasing and the dependence on digital technologies is also having an impact on green spaces. The routing of telecommunications and fibre optic cables is carried out in green areas, hence trees have become an unwanted obstacle. For future planning and management of woody plants, this means not only concentrating technical networks in common collectors, but designing and creating space for roots in a targeted way.

  4. Caring for greenery Problem areas, for example, include road lanes, which are part of the urban greenery, but their maintenance comes under the responsibility of road administrators, who care predominantly about the functionality of the roads and their current safety. Another current problem is inconsistencies in the care of public green spaces - public spaces in private ownership or those within the competence of the city and city districts.

Watering bags

We site them next to newly planted trees. The bags can hold up to 65 litres of water, which is steadily released into the soil drop by drop over a period of 6-8 hours. The young tree is thus proportionally watered and its root system is not at risk of overwatering. Bag-watering is scheduled for 3 years from planting, with a regime of 4 times a month, 6 times a month in the warmer season. In the same mode, we water trees without the presence of bags, increasing the irrigation efficiency.

If, despite this, you observe a young tree that is not thriving, we will be glad if you contact us. [email protected]

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