Housing and Accommodation

Municipal Housing Agency

The city is launching a pilot project of the Municipal Housing Agency (MNA) as part of the Bratislava Housing Organisation, through which it aims to expand its housing stock with flats from the private sector by entrusting them to MNA's management.
The purpose of the Municipal Housing Agency is to expand the city's housing stock in cooperation with landlords and to increase the availability of housing for families and people in housing need who, for various reasons, are disadvantaged in the standard housing market.
The Municipal Housing Agency is entering the pilot phase of its operation in association with its partners, Slovenská Sporiteľňa bank and its Foundation, and the Kooperativa Foundation, aiming to house the first ten households in standard housing in 2023 and providing guarantees and social support.  The main landlord at the beginning of the MNA project will be the company Dostupný domov, founded by Slovenská Sporiteľňa, Slovak Investment Holding and the Slovenská Sporiteľňa Foundation, which will lease a total of ten flats in Bratislava over the course of 2023. The MNA project was made possible thanks to financial contributions from the Slovenská Sporiteľňa Foundation and the Kooperativa Foundation.