Housing and Accommodation

Public Rental Housing Projects

The city of Bratislava offers a number of public housing options you can apply for.

Apart from common forms of housing in:

There are also projects like:

The city is also launching various new projects of affordable housing focusing on developing apartments which can be used for public housing.
Those are the Project of Affordable Housing with Social Support ( Projekt dostupného bývania so sociálnou podporou) and the Municipal Housing Agency (Mestská nájomná agentúra) introduced below.

Project of affordable housing with social support

The city of Bratislava launched its Project of Affordable Housing with Social Support in 2020 and it is currently in its pilot stage. The project is based on the principles of the Housing First approach.

What is the Housing First approach?

It is an approach demonstrating the best results in dealing with the homeless (success rate of more than 90%). Within the Housing First approach, housing is considered as a human right and, when connected with social support, it provides those in distress with a safe space to improve their social situation and quality of life.

Municipal Housing Agency

The city of Bratislava is preparing a pilot project of Mestská nájomná agentúra (Municipal Housing Agency) (MNA) in order to acquire new flats from the private sector which will be administered by the MNA.
The goal of the city leasing agency is to acquire new flats in cooperation with landlords and to provide affordable housing to families and people in difficult housing situations.


If you need more information, contact the Department of Affordable Housing and Help to Homeless with the Section of Social Affairs.