Social Housing

Temporary Social Housing


Applicants who are legally entitled to replacement housing and who are included in the list of applicants have the legal right to remain in the restituted flats until the city provides them with replacement housing.
Flat owners also have a legal obligation to accept tenants until replacement housing is provided, and they cannot evict them unreasonably.

Those affected by the restitution process

The city is obliged under Act No.260/2011 Coll. to provide replacement rental housing to those applicants who have been granted the right to it in the form of a replacement rental flat.
The city also has a legal obligation from 1.1.2017 to pay the owners of restituted flats the difference between the market rent and the regulated rent (hereinafter referred to as "compensation") until the provision of replacement housing to eligible applicants.

What important supporting documents do you need?

The basic document for the award of compensation is:
    an expert opinion provided by an expert on buildings
As applicants for compensation, please also attach the following:
    documents that sufficiently prove the justification of your claim for payment of compensation, such as information on the condition of the flat, the current amount of rent paid by the tenant as regulated rent and bank account statements

Lists of applicants

Lists of applicants who have been granted an entitlement to replacement housing under Act No. 260/2011 Coll. which are maintained by Bratislava, the Capital City of the Slovak Republic, pursuant to section 9(8) in conjunction with section 5(6) of Act No. 260/2011 Coll.
Please note that the lists contain all published decisions on the granting of the right to replacement housing (a replacement rental flat) which have entered into force and which have been assigned a binding serial number by the mayor of Bratislava in the form of a written confirmation.
The lists shall be amended continuously in accordance with the current factual and legal situation.


The city decides whether or not to grant the right to replacement housing in accordance with the law. Proceedings shall be initiated by the submission of an application that is accompanied by a declaration of assets.
A specific legal regulation – Decree No. 326/2011 Coll. of the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic – has established templates for the submission of applications, preliminary applications, declarations of the applicant's assets and declarations of the assets of jointly assessed persons which can be found at the above link with the relevant forms.

Information and council resolutions

Here you can find City Council resolutions on the topic of replacement rental housing.
Information on submitted applications for subsidies for the acquisition of replacement rental flats, land and technical equipment according to Act No. 261/2011 Coll. on the provision of subsidies for the acquisition of replacement rental housing, as amended by Act No. 134/2013 Coll., submitted to the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic in March 2016.

Need help?

If you are an applicant or restitution recipient of replacement rental housing, you can get information about the status of the provision of replacement housing:
    Every Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. at the First Contact Office at the Bratislava City Hall, the information as well as the solution to each complaint is provided by the professional staff
    Using online communication via e-mail:
The following possibilities of access to information have been established by the Capital City of Bratislava for applicants and restituents of replacement rental flats in order to streamline communication and obtain up-to-date information.

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