Centre for Children and Families with resocialisation programme

The centre for children and families with resocialisation programme is intended to activate the internal capacity of the individual to overcome the mental, physical and social impacts of drug abuse or other addictions, and to become re-integrated into normal life (pursuant to Act No. 305/2005 Coll. on social and legal protection of children and on social guardianship and on amendment to certain acts, as amended).

Who provides services with the centre?

It was established in 1997 and transferred to the Bratislava City Hall in 2007, becoming its budgetary organisation. It is currently named RETEST Centre for Children and Families with Resocialisation Programme ↗︎.

Who is the centre intended for?

RETEST provides services for:

  • adults having drug or alcohol problems and/or suffering from a non-substance addiction;
  • persons looking to change their current risky behaviour patterns.

The centre employees help in acceptance of oneself and one’s options, as well as limits. They support their clients in personal growth and acquiring the knowledge and skills needed for long-term abstinence, return to normal life, and finding a new meaning in life.

What will I need to get admitted to the centre?

  1. You need to fill in and submit an application form with its annexes. You can find those below or on the RETEST webpage ↗︎.
  2. The main conditions are that the persons accepted into the centre need to complete middle-term treatment with a medical facility and/or detoxification in a medical facility after considering being admitted to the centre.

We also recommend seeing a psychiatrist in order to obtain a recommendation to take part in a resocialisation programme.

After receiving the application, the applicants are registered with the system and contacted in writing and/or by phone by the respective RETEST employee.

What obstacles are there?

The main potential obstacles are:

  • loss of motivation to change current behaviour patterns;
  • enough money to pay the entry fee (deposit) of 300€;
  • completing middle-term rehab treatment;
  • accepting the rules and order of the centre; and
  • no wheelchair access to the building.

How much do I pay after getting admitted?

Main services

Group, individual and family counselling, training of work skills, help and support at finding a job, help at paying back debts, and setting up a financial framework are provided free of charge.

Meals and accommodation

Those are paid by the clients, usually using their social benefits or wages.

a) If clients are registered with the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family: monthly fee of 137,20€.

b) If clients are paying for themselves: daily fee of 8,00€ (3,50€ for meals and 4,50€ for lodging).


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