The Bratislava City Archive is a public archive set up by the Bratislava City Hall. It has more than 350 archival funds and collections. The Archive plays a pivotal role in its scientific, cultural and educational activities, as well as in the acquisition and preservation of historical documents. Thanks to the Archive, we have clearer and more tangible picture of the past and of the lives of the city’s residents.

City Archive provides the following:

  • sifts through, protects, and enables access to archived documents arising from activities of various bodies of the city, its city districts, entities that were set up and founded by them, and important persons operating in Bratislava.
  • carrying out pre-archival care – registration of filling departments originators, approval of orders and plans of filling departments originators, deleting filling department originator entries that are past their depositing period
  • access to archived documents, archiving equipment and to registry of archived documents that were received by issuing excerpts, copies, certificates, making copies, studying and public exhibiting of archived documents (pursuant to the Act on Archives and Filling Departments No. 395/2002 Col. – but not pursuant to the Act No. 211/2000 Col. On Freedom of Information)
  • registering of archival heritage in Afondy information system
  • administration and charging administrative fees pursuant to a separate legislation
  • digitalisation of archived documents, making conservation and research copies as well as making photographs and copies upon request by applicants
  • tasks related to promoting Bratislava history in collaboration with media, scientific, experts, social and cultural institutions
  • tasks relating to the co-operation with other archives at home and abroad as well as scientific and cultural institutions operating in the city
  • maintenance of the book collections and collaborating with specialised units in processing of historical book collections

City Archive is an organisational part the City Hall as a Section of the Department of Culture, which is directly subordinated to the City Hall director. The governing and methodological body is the Section for Archives and Filling Departments of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic.