How to work with digital versions of inventories of City Archive

For better orientation in the content of the respective archival fonds and collections, we recommend that you read the introduction in each individual inventory. There, the inventory authors provide an important information regarding the historical development of the institution or in personal fonds, a biography of the originator of the fond. The introduction captures information about the content of the fond and the various fond departments, as well as the way in which the fond is organised and how it can be searched.

Archive utilities are either fully digitised (they can be searched in full-text mode) or scans that have been detected through OCR, where search functionality is limited by the program's capabilities.

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Archival rules

1. The Research Rules allow researchers to book in one session the following number of stored units:

  • 3 books
  • or 3 boxes
  • or 10 individual items

2. Access to documents created before the 1526 is restricted by law and such documents are available for study only as digital copies.

3. Further particulars of access to archival documents are defined by Sections 12 and 13 of Act No. 395/2002 Coll. (Act on Archives and Registries as amended)

4. The Bratislava City Archive lets you to do the search even out of the study room by visiting the web pages where the digital copies of archival documents are located:

  • medieval documents from before the 1526 can be studied through the portal ↗︎ or by the researcher ↗︎ (it is possible to search by combining 8 different search filters)
  • the official and ledger books of City Hall prior to the 1526 and a selection of official books post the 1526 are available online through the Crossborderarchives ↗︎
  • the Pressburger Zeitung newspaper is available in digital form ↗︎
  • digitized photos from the pictures and negatives in the archive collection available on the website ↗︎
  • City Archive does not hold any records from the state or church registry offices. These are stored in the State Archives in Bratislava or available online ↗︎

In order to facilitate the requests for archived documents for study, we have prepared brief description of individual archival aids with examples of how to prepare the request. You can submit your request applications electronically to [email protected]. In your request application it is necessary to state the purpose of access to archival documents (preparation of final work, historical or monumental research, search for documents for reconstruction of the property, etc.).



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