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Procurement activities of the archive

In the past, City Archive, as one of the oldest municipal retention institutions, has saved through its procurement activities a number of archival documents, rare manuscripts and prints, as well as photographs that are not only of the regional but also national or even European significance.

This is one of the reasons why the Bratislava City Archive is turning to all residents, as well as the wider public with a request to obtain documents to the archive funds. The aim is to preserve these documents as sources of history of Bratislava and life of its residents for the future, thus making them available in later research.

We are interested in the following original documents:

  • Complete personal funds of individuals (with all preserved documentation, correspondence, education documents, accolades, photographs, etc.)
  • Handwritten memoirs, journals, diaries or other records (including those on private matters).
  • Chronicles or other manuscript works of a similar nature kept by schools, ROH clubs (Revolučné Odborové Hnutie - Revolutionary Union Movement), pioneer clubs, voluntary organizations of the National Front (Association of Czechoslovak – Russian Friendships, etc.), breeders' associations, horticultural associations, enterprises and other institutions.
  • Research reports, concepts, studies and qualification works in the areas of history, architecture, art history, sociology with relation to Bratislava (or its surroundings).
  • Diplomas (school, university, leisure activities and interest, etc.)
  • Posters, leaflets and information brochures from various events in the city, also from election to the local and regional government post year 1990.
  • Photos (negatives, slides) - especially images of streets, buildings, images of the demolition of old buildings, construction of housing estates, ordinary life situations (various celebrations of both public and private character). In order to know the context and locations, it is important to be able to identify situations in photos, so we are also interested in talking to you.
  • Publications about Bratislava: historical, ethnological, architectural and sociology, photographic works, tourist guides, small prints (also from the activities of various enterprises and institutions), school reports, printed maps and plans.
  • Books on Slovak and general history, ethnology, auxiliary sciences of history, architecture, sociology, encyclopedia and manuals (also works published abroad, especially works published after 1990).