The Grössling Spa is an iconic building in Bratislava. From 1895 it served the townspeople as an important meeting point, and it performed an important role as a place for hygienic and sporting activities. This very function is something that we want to return to the city and its residents. After twenty-five years since the closure of the spa, its restoration has begun.

The winning restoration design came from the OPPS Architettura team of architects, who are based in Florence. This design will restore the architectural significance of the Grössling Spa and allow the public to rediscover its social and cultural value.

The design makes full use of existing spaces and incorporates the least destructive changes, in turn enhancing the value and appearance of this 125-year-old building while creating a functioning operating scheme for a spa, library and café.

From the beginning, we included the participation of experts and the general public in the process. The restoration of the Grössling Spa is planned in phases, and its full opening is planned for 2025.

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Kúpele Grossling - vizualizácia
Kúpele Grossling - vizualizácia
Kúpele Grossling - vizualizácia knižnice