Program of renovation of Bratislava’s public spaces

Those spaces which have not been renovated for a long time have begun to come to life. Following their renovation, they will offer the residents of Bratislava a pleasant and functional environment for spending free time or interacting with the community.

Bratislava has not modernised or restored its public spaces for a long time. Accordingly, we here present the program of the renovation of public spaces entitled “Živé miesta” (Vivid Places).

Functional public space is one of the most important parts of every city and is the foundation for how we live together and form our relationships. The renovation of the public spaces will lead to more space to spend time in and to interact – for children, adults, or seniors.

Project Vivid Places (Živé miesta) is the first framework of systemic change of the capital on several levels. One of them represents the result of the Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava and consists of twenty-five reconstructions of public spaces which will start in 2021. In parallel, we cooperate with the boroughs to introduce a further package of twenty-three projects of renovation of public spaces. 

You can find more information on the Institute’s webpage ↗︎.

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