Cvicko Outdoor Gyms

Six new outdoor gyms connected by a running track on both banks of the Danube have been installed in the city centre to extend the network that is already in use by athletes such as runners. The aim of the project, entitled "Cvičko" (outdoor gym), is to encourage other residents to take an interest in exercise and sport. This is why we are also providing some special video tutorials with workouts from renowned coach Maroš Molnár, the ambassador of amateur sport in Bratislava, to the residents of Bratislava.

The city is systematically renovating public spaces so as to increase the opportunities for its residents for spending quality and active leisure time. A new project entitled Cvičko focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle, sport and exercise. Six new outdoor gyms have been created right in the city centre. The set-up of the individual workout equipment varies from one location to another. Some of them are intended more for weight-training, others for enhancing the cardiovascular system.

The new outdoor gyms are located on the banks of the Danube, connected by running tracks, creating new sports sites along the river: the Lanfranconi outdoor gym, the SNP Bridge, the Promenade, the Tyršák and the Apollo outdoor gym. All of them have information boards with descriptions and tips on how to properly exercise and use the individual items of equipment. A detailed description of possible workouts for each of the workout areas has been prepared by professional trainer Maroš Molnár. "I would like to bring to everyone's attention the video system that we have created. For each workout area, we have three different videos with different levels of difficulty so that everyone can work out exactly as they wish based on their physical abilities. Each area has a different workout scheme, which can be combined with running - work out, run, work out again in the second workout area etc. All are aimed at helping you become as fit as possible," says Maroš Molnár, coach and ambassador of amateur sport in Bratislava.

The intention is to expand the Cvičko project in the future and to increase the network of public outdoor gyms so that as many residents and visitors of the city as possible can comfortably exercise outdoors. The new outdoor gyms will be managed by the municipal organisation STaRZ.

Fotka Cvičko zhora
 ↗︎ Author of the photography: Ľubomír Sládek