Bratislava also supports sports events through:

  • grant program for the development of sports and education,
  • through partnership in organizing selected sports projects,
  • by participating in international sports events,
  • organization of sports events,
  • by managing municipal sports areas and facilities (STaRZ).

Improving sports opportunities for people who live and spend their free time here, and being open to cooperation on sports activities and projects for the benefit of sports development, is a priority for the capital city.

The City of Bratislava also establishes the conditions for sports and recreation of its citizens via its organisation of the Bratislava Sports and Recreation Facility Administration (STaRZ ↗︎). In addition to managing sports areas and facilities, this organization also organizes several sports events such as the Devín Bratislava Run, the Friendship Cycle Tour, the Bratislava Cross and others.

What is our vision for sports in our city?

”Bratislava systematically supports and establishes the conditions for a healthy and active lifestyle accessible to all, irrespective of their age, economic situation, or health condition. Sports form a part of the city’s identity and the promotion of the city abroad.”

Main goals of the city in the area:

  1. The City of Bratislava supports a healthy lifestyle for its residents by establishing an accessible, modern, and solid sports infrastructure.
  • We want Bratislava to offer a well-thought-out mix of sports facilities for its residents.
  • We want the sports facilities to be accessible to as many people as possible in terms of entry fees and geographical location within the city.
  • We want as many people as possible to take part in outdoor sports in Bratislava.
  • We want the residents of Bratislava to be healthier and live longer.
  • We want the sports facilities and gymnasiums in schools to also be accessible to the public.
  1. The City of Bratislava has a solid, modern and accessible sports infrastructure, comparable with other EU capitals.
  • We are increasing the share of investments of the city in the area of sports (as part of the common expenses of the city).
  1. The City of Bratislava takes a major part in supporting national, municipal and local sports events.
  • We are increasing the number of supported applicants to grant programmes intended to support sports.