The City of Bratislava is seeking to develop transformation areas registered as brownfields, with a primary focus on reshaping the city centre and the inner city as a complex urban environment of modern neighbourhoods forming a compact city.

The Mlynské nivy zone builds on various types of urban structures from the original rural development of the old Prievoz, through the first forms of housing estate, to the modern city centre with high-rise buildings on Košická Street or the area of Zimný prístav. Today, the dominant mode of transport in the zone is individual car transport. There is no suitable space for other modes of transport and movement in the zone.

The Mlynské nivy zone now comprises an 80% transformation area; in 34% of this it is necessary to change the current functional use in order for the transformation to take place and the area to function as an integrated complex urban environment.

In view of the locational potential of the area in direct contact with the city centre and the city-wide centre with the zone of high-rise buildings and its fundamental impact on the possible development of a compact city, a coordinated intervention by the city is deemed essential. The purpose of the urban study is to examine the possibilities of transforming the area into a fully-fledged urban district following the existing residential structures, to evaluate the limits of the area, to determine the corresponding concept of further development of the area, policies, regulatory principles and operational rules for use of the area. The urban study will confirm the possibilities of reviewing the functional use and spatial regulation of the areas determined in the Zoning Plan 2007, as amended ("UPN"), and will propose an alteration to the UPN of the city in order to support the creation of a comprehensive urban environment in the area.

The positively discussed Mlynské nivy zone will serve as a basis for amendments and supplements to the UPN.