One of the capital’s responsibilities is procuring, processing and discussing land-use planning documentation and general plan materials. It also needs to keep them up to date. What is the difference between them and what are the related tasks of the city?

Land-use planning documentation

This is documentation dealing with the complex spatial arrangement and functional use of a specific area.

It aligns norms, interests and activities impacting on the development of the area, environment, and ecological stability; it also stipulates regulations of spatial arrangement and functional use of the area.

The documentation is in preparation at a national and regional level, as well as at the level of the municipality or a part thereof, and contains a directional and binding part.

What covers land-use planning documentation?

  • concept of Land-Use Development of Slovakia
  • regional general plan
  • municipal general plan
  • zoning plan

Land-use planning materials

Together with the land-use planning documentation and land-use decisions, they represent the basic tools of land-use planning.

Among those materials, there are territorial master plan, urban studies, general plan prognoses, and land and technical materials.

Unlike general plans, those documents do not contain a binding part and play a specific and irreplaceable role in land-use planning.


Department of Procurement of Land-Use Planning Documents


Magistrát hlavného mesta SR Bratislava Primaciálne nám. 1, 814 99 Bratislava

Roles of the city in land-use planning documents

The City of Bratislava is a general plan body which:

  • procures and approves land-use planning documentation of Bratislava and its zones, including their updates and amendments:
    • at the level of the city: General Plan of Bratislava, the Capital of the Slovak Republic for 2007, as amended
    • at the level of the zone: Update to the Zoning Plan of Bratislava, Zoning Plan of Dunajská St., Zoning Plan of Machnáč, Zoning Plan of Podhradie, Zoning Plan of Downtown, Part of Petržalka: Area between the Old Bridge and Harbour Bridge
  • procures land-use planning materials (land-use general schemes and urban studies)
  • issues statements at discussions regarding land-use planning documentation at the zonal level which is being procured by the city districts of Bratislava, and land-use planning materials procured at the level of the city

This area is governed, in particular, by Act No. 50/1976 Coll. on land-use planning and building regulations (the Building Act), as amended, and Decree of the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic No. 55/2001 Coll. on land-use planning materials and land-use planning documentation.