Housing and Accommodation

Development of Housing Projects

Enabling the people of Bratislava to live affordably and with dignity

Rental housing is an important pillar of urban housing, but in our city it is extremely neglected. Indeed, Bratislava is the worst off out of all the Visegrád Four capitals – it has the lowest number of urban rental flats. The city is therefore working to provide more affordable rental housing.

Why does Bratislava need rental housing?

There is a complete lack of rental flats in Bratislava as a way to provide affordable housing. We want Bratislava to be a city for everyone – and that means also for people with average and lower incomes and those who cannot afford to own property. We should all have the opportunity to live with dignity.
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Who should rental housing be for? 

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How is Bratislava doing with rental housing?

Rental housing is an important pillar of urban housing, but in Bratislava it has been extremely neglected. Only about 1% of all flats in Bratislava are urban rental flats. By comparison, in Brno it is 15 percent. In Vienna it is up to 30 percent – with another 30 percent being rent-regulated apartments owned by non-profit companies. 
The EU average is around 10%.

Current projects

How can the city get new flats?

Reconstruction of apartments and buildings

Reconstruction of apartments and buildings

The city renovates apartments and buildings that it owns or has acquired and that are unused and in poor condition.



The city will build its own rental apartments on its own land and in locations, where such construction is possible and appropriate.

Part of the preparation of new projects will be architectural competitions or participation with residents, so that the new apartment buildings serve not only the tenants, but also the surrounding area as well as possible.

This is also why the city will communicate the city's intentions even before the construction itself at meetings with the residents of the affected location and respond to their suggestions.

An example is the architectural competition for an apartment building on Terchovská street.

Cooperation with the private sector

Cooperation with the private sector

In accordance with the State Housing Policy Concept, the city is preparing steps towards cooperating with the private sector in the area of affordable rental housing.

One option is the acquisition of new housing built by the private sector for the city’s rental housing portfolio. Another option is involvement in joint projects with financial institutions.