Territorial Transport Master Plan

As a territorial planning authority in accordance with the provisions of Act No. 50/1976 Coll. on Territorial Planning and Construction Rules (the Construction Act) as amended, and Decree No. 55/2001 Coll. of the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic on territorial planning documentation and related legislation, Bratislava – as the capital city of the Slovak Republic – arranged the public procurement of the Territorial Transport Master Plan of Bratislava (hereafter referred to as the Transport Master Plan of the City of Bratislava, or ÚGD BA).

The ÚGD BA was developed by the Transport Research Centre, v.v.i., Líšenská 33a, 636 00 Brno, Czech Republic. The plan was developed at a scale appropriate to the processing of material at a citywide level.

The objective of preparing the ÚGD BA was mainly to update prospective transport characteristics, parameters, and city services with their projection into a realistic model. The purpose of the ÚGD BA is to define the underlying regulation of any further territorial city development in terms of transport facilities and services. It also aims to update traffic forecasting, which will be the foundation for the design of individual transport subsystems within the city.

The aim of the ÚGD BA has also been to systematise transport in relation to relevant legislation and in relation to the current national, regional and international transport development concepts and the latest trends in this field, while taking into account the needs and potential of the city of Bratislava.