Documentation of the General Plan of Bratislava, the Capital of the Slovak Republic, as amended by Amendment No. 02 deals with the identification of functional areas, changes to functional use (from built-up areas to green areas), definition of codes of land-use at reduced intensity of use, as well as changes from stabilised area to development area, change of codes of use of development area, and related changes to the transportation capacity, technical equipment and changes to community constructions.

The amendment also implements legislative changes in terms of monument preservation, protection of nature, landscape creation and the Land-Use System of Ecological Stability (ÚSES), entering into force since the previous amendment. This amendment reflects the approved detailed land-use planning materials and documents, assessed from the point of view of the urban concept of city development and its main development orientation in more detail. Further modifications concern the elimination of formal and factual mistakes and technical mistakes in the General Plan, as identified during its implementation, and also introduce certain methodological changes to the document.

Amendment No. 01 was passed by resolution of the City Council of Bratislava No. 400/2011 dated 15.12.2011. Its binding part was declared by Generally Binding Ordinance of Bratislava, the Capital of the Slovak Republic, No. 17/2011 ↗︎ from 15.12.2011 dated 15.12.2011, entering into force on 1.2.2012.

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