The zoning plan of the Zone Podhradie was approved in 2006 by the City Council of Bratislava No. 1055/2006 of 6.7.2006. The binding part of the relevant zoning plan of this zone was decreed by the Generally Binding Regulation of Bratislava No. 3/2006 ↗︎ of 6.7.2006. The zoning plan of the Zone Podhradie deals with the area between the Castle cliff and the Danube embankment, extending from the existing buildings of high-rise residential blocks to the New Bridge.

The area is designed to be a multi-functional district with amenities of local and broader importance, such as administrative, business, catering and cultural facilities, as well as proposed options for temporary and permanent housing. Part of the area, Vydrica, consists of a combination of terraced and block built-up area, the territory of Zuckermandel is designed in the form of block construction around the high street with vertical segregation of traffic and pedestrian movement in the form of a plateau.

The “curiae”, as a preserved enclave of the former Podhradie, form a connecting link between the Zuckermandel and Vydrica sectors and are spatially separated from neighbouring sectors by areas and lines of greenery. In the panorama of Podhradie, the greenery of the Castle cliff is preserved. Among the proposed building structures are formed public spaces, squares, streets, along with pedestrian, urban, recreational and educational trails. There are also proposals for walking links between the Castle, embankment, historic centre, upcoming River Park site and Podhradie. The proposal recognises the existing preserved structures of monumental interest and protected monumental structures. These structures are fully integrated into the new building, while not fully copying original urban architectonic structure of Podhradie which was almost completely eradicated by extensive sanitation programmes in the late 20th century.

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